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About us

E.K is a graduate in BSc in Food Technology from the University of NSW, Australia. He is the co-founder of GlobalSuccess Team with his wife Peggy.

He has been in the Wellness industry for the past twenty years after deciding not to persue his career in the food manufacturing industry.

"I didn't want to work with processed foods which include the soft drinks industry which I was working with at that time. I think I'd like to contribute to people's health with information and products instead."

He is also a Tai chi master and teaches in corporate companies, communities and in Seminars and workshops.

The Beginnings

When E.K Yeap first read the reports of un-precendented immune boosting ability of Transfer Factor products in 2001, he was initially sceptical.

He was open minded of course, and became convinced after meeting with medical professionals with clinical experience with the products including Dr Benny Foo (of Australia) in 2001, then Dr Vivian Matalon, Dr Duane Townsend, David Markowitz etc in the 2002 USA convention.

Besides the American doctors, E.K & Peggy met the independent research work reported by Russian scientist Dr Victor Tutelian (photo below) - head of the Russian Academy of Medical science.

with Dr Victor Tutelian

With Dr Victor Tutelian of Russia, (2002)

Yet these products were available to be introduced and sold by through direct sales or network marketing. This was a big opportunity.

The initial success of E.K & Peggy and the GlobalSuccess team opened the interest of 4Life Research in the USA to look into setting up the offices in Malaysia and Singapore.
The Singapore office was set up in April 20, 2004 and the Malaysia office in February 26, 2005.

The Business Opportunity

E.K had seen success and also set backs (and heart breaks) in Network marketing. Recent set backs at that time (around 1999-2000) caused him to look deeply into the various reasons that make a business fail; and hence conversely what makes a successful company and opportunity.
His earlier disappointments was due to the company which he was involved in, fail due to management/ governmental reasons. In another project, the company's "hi-tech" virtual products was easily copied by others and hence could not command a lasting loyalty of customers.

He was looking for something stable and which could stand the test of time.
"That would make economic sense to be able to work a business and reap the benefits as you adjust the learning curve, and gain momentum. Its pointless and frustrating to work a business, succeed and then have that business fail in 2 years and having to re-start something again."
He found it in the 4Life opportunity.

The 4Life products was great in that they offered a whole new window of new range of products. Transfer factors themselves were out-standing. But more was still to come - the targeted transfer factors came into existence when scientists found a way to extract them from eggs.

With 4Life Founder & CEO
With 4Life CEO & Founder David Lisonbee


E.K also found that the 4Life CEO and co-founder David Lisonbee is a good person with a heart. David was experienced in managing a global company.

Importantly the compensation plan was balanced - allowing BOTH the ends of the skill levels - the part-timer and the experienced networker to be compensated fairly
Importantly it allowed the part-timer, or grass root distributor to make money, and hence allow the business structure to be stable to be built on.

Support for Growth

The business opportunity is huge and global. And with the Internet, with better communication facilities (cheap telephone calls, sms, etc) and flights, there really an huge market to exploit and tap.

If one is hard working and willing to invest in the skills to develop the market, success is assured.

"You set the height you want to go. We will share our experiences and skills and training to assist our team members and leaders to succeed" he says.

E.K & Peggy also assist in providing free websites, online coaching as well as personal seminars and workshops.

The Future

"We are excited to share the products and opportunity to many others who are looking for better health, as well as a better life style - with leveraged incomes and stable future."

E.K advocates prospective distributors to join the team and build a strong future for themselves.




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