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4Life Research Hong Kong

歡迎光臨猶他州,4Life welcomes you


Spread the word! Sign up with the 4Life Hong Kong office to Purchase Products at Wholesale prices.


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Buy in Hong Kong, Macau or China

You can buy Products from 1) HK office and 2) the 4Life USA and shipped to Hong Kong.


Note: For clients in China & Macau - there is no 'starter kit' (Compass kit) / registration fee, but you need to buy 100 LP for the first time. Shipping charges: $45 delivery fee.

In addition you can also buy products that are marketed in the USA and have them shipped to an address (Customer or Distributor) in Hong Kong.

1) Buy on Line or 2) Call our office.

1) Buy Online


  1. Go to http://buyonline.my4life.com/
  2. Select your country - (in the right hand corner of the page).
  3. Choose Hong Kong (US)
  4. Click on Buy Products
  5. Continue to shop.

2) Alternatively - call our HK office

Call the Hong Kong office : 85231534618

Quote our id# to get Discounts or sign up as Distributor (or Preferred Customer Hong Kong only): 4Life id# 5101731 (Lee Lei Hoon)









中国香港联络手电:(+852 ) 9060xxxx
短讯: +8529060xxxx







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